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In today's fast-paced world of business, HP understands your need for technology that delivers results, works more efficiently, and performs when you need it. And, with tighter and tighter budgets, affordability is essential. As a leader in imaging technologies, HP provides cutting-edge solutions that will change the way you work, save time and money, and free you up to focus on your core business.


Lenovo understands that no business is small or big when it's yours. That's why Lenovo printing devices are designed to meet your needs today and help you grow tomorrow. Lenovo enables you to create a safer and more productive environment. Made for excellence, Lenovo printers deliver superior image quality and long life. Together, the possibilities are limitless. Don't settle for anything less and choose Lenovo devices.


Lexmark printers are versatile as they tailor each printer series according to the user's needs and functionality requirements. For professional photography and design-related printing, Lexmark has developed a series of available printers at various price points. Lexmark printers are cost-effective and efficient as they use advanced color and monochrome printing technologies to achieve professional printing results from the comfort of your home office or studio.


With OKI, get the printing technology you need to succeed. These print devices are modern workplace assistants that revolutionize office productivity. Unprecedented simplicity, reliability, and comprehensive security help businesses to get up and running quickly. They reduce IT helpdesk calls, while an ever-expanding gallery of the latest apps makes the print devices practically future proof.


Honeywell printers offer proper mobility and cloud access—built to integrate seamlessly with the devices employees already rely on—which means work can happen wherever, whenever. And with the industry's best color touchscreen interface, these devices deliver the ultimate user experience, with unparalleled customization and personalization capabilities.


MYQ printers are designed to transform the way we work today—safely and securely. MYQ transforms the workplace. Preview scans and faxes right at the tablet-like touchscreen interface, and quickly make scanned documents searchable with built-in OCR capability. Plug-n-play setup features are ideal for organizations with no tech support—or users who don't want to wait for IT.


Whether you work in an office, on the road, or from home, Kofax has a scanning solution for you. From digitizing photos and business cards to uploading documents to the cloud, Kofax scanners give busy professionals the flexibility to move fast without compromising quality. Kofax is a leading provider of technology solutions for document management, collaboration, business transactions, and commercial printing.


Started as forerunner of Arabic Printing Solutions, Globalis International evolved as a leading integrator of Banking and Multi-technology Printing Solutions. It opened its headquarters in Montreal, Canada and established its first affiliate, Alistech Trading LLC in Dubai in 1991. The company rapidly grew its customer base expanding to Africa, Central Asia and the Americas. For more information click here.