When you consider how many people within your organization manage your printers’ maintenance, security, and supplies, you might be surprised just how much it costs your company—both in dollars and internal resources. You can reduce the burden on your budget and your team by simplifying printer management with a managed print solution. The practice of supplying, servicing, and keeping at work a fleet of printers and digital multifunction devices in the business world has now evolved into an established service model, which is generally known as Managed Print Services.

We comprehend the battle to control costs and keep up the permeability expected to deal with an inexorably perplexing print climate. Managed Print Services can help you better understand your total printing costs, armada the executives, upkeep necessities, and security needs.



At Mushko Printing Services, Our imaginative innovation bolsters the elements of an advanced working environment with reliable arrangements that give organizations the network and efficiency they need, all supported by our honor winning assistance groups. With Zero-CAPEX, we provide an official survey along with strategic and advanced solutions that are based on a per-click model. Our effective services consist of all the assets, consumables, software, maintenance services, and paper(optional) facilities. Our reputed customers only have to pay what they got printed, all at reasonable operational costs.


With advancement comes straightforwardness—one gadget, four capacities. Print, scan, duplicate, fax—combined advantageously into one organization associated gadget. We offer outright service, which is a complete print solution that keeps your IT staff focused on priorities, reduces print costs, improves productivity, and generally enhances the effectiveness of your print environment. We assist our customers with secure printing solutions that are owned by them and managed by u IT technical staff.


For our customer's satisfaction, we can deliver print shop-quality documents rapidly and effectively from inside your office, setting aside significant time and cash. You can have ease of proprietorship; you can decrease expenses and limit your carbon impression by printing just what you need. We provide hybrid solutions that consist of both services, outsource, and outright. All the assets and consumables would be owned truly by our customers but we will be managed by us. Our customers have to only pay for what they got printed.


Rental Service is a flexible way to quickly access a suitable machine to perform all of your document management needs, paying a fee for your use, instead of buying the machine outright. We can provide the proven equipment, off-site printing, and on-site support you need to produce your documents most professionally and efficiently possible. When you partner with us, you get more than a printer rental. Whatever your printing needs, we’re here to make sure you’re ready for it.