With 12 years of experience in the printing services market, Mushko Printing Solutions is excelling as the first one to bring Managed Printing Services in Pakistan while delivering end-to-end managed print solutions. MPS provides customized, scalable solutions that streamline every phase of the document lifecycle from input to output and distribution, storage, and retrieval. Mushko Printing Solutions is a certified Manage Print and Document solution with top international brands

One Window Solution Provider for all Printing Services

With Mushko Printing Services, you can achieve maximum productivity with our network of print solutions and management services. Our portfolio of solutions can help optimize business printing through effective document capture and workflow management, fleet management, print security, mobile, print, and scan functionality.

Reduced Costs

Mushko assets the cost of printed documents while in production. You can realize direct cost reductions of at least 30% and up to 50% indirect cost reduction. Adding the costs related to the maintenance of a printer, computerized equipment the total cost can reach 80% of the aggregate operational costs while the cost of purchase represents only 20% of this cost. Specifically, the managed print services proposed by Mushko can lead to a reduction in the operational costs of up to 30%.

Technical Support Team

Musko is here to help, so feel free to contact our team and see what solutions we have for your printing needs. Our strong technical support is critical to ensuring consistently high quality and service for a print on demand solution, both for setting up and operating your corporate online print shop. IT departments are often focused on their regular tasks. Managed Print Service providers can assist in employee training and provide help desk support for print issues

Environmental Sustainability

A comprehensive model for sustainability optimization supports your 'green' initiatives as part of your larger strategic goals. We provide detailed documentation of your green improvement and include it in your corporate sustainability report. With Mushko Printing Solutions you get all the benefits from cost reductions, green benefits, and better compliance on your new fleet

Information Security and Governance

Information governance mitigates the costs and risks of non-compliance to secure information capital in the interest of building trust with your customers. Data on costs and consumption always available through the web; Clarity regarding charges and invoicing

End-user Productivity

Improving the availability and use of business-critical information makes end users more productive, fosters innovation, and improves business agility

Environmental Sustainability

  • Cost Reductions
  • Green Benefits
  • Corporate Sustainability Report
  • Better Compliance On Your New Fleet.

Information Security and Governance

  • Build Trust
  • Provides Clarity Regarding Charges and Invoice.
  • Secure Capital
  • Digital Cost and Solutions

End-User Productivity

  • Higher Productivity
  • Improves Business Agility
  • Promotes Innovation
  • Customer-centric Approach.